What People Are Saying About The Clinic

Acupuncture Center for Wellness“My acupuncture experience with Dr. Mary Jennings, three years ago my neuropathy was so bad I had no feeling in my feet, and I couldn’t wear flip flops because I would walk out of them and would not know I did. Now I can feel the carpet, and the sand again and I can keep flip flops on. I highly recommend acupuncture from Dr. Mary Jennings.”

Ken G - Cary, NC

Acupuncture Center for Wellness

I Can Walk Without Pain Again

After not being able to walk without pain and seeing two different physical therapists I was losing hope. I had been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis but was getting no relief! Mary discovered that the pain was not coming from one area and treated me with acupuncture. She was so comforting during the entire process and after only a few sessions I saw results! She truly has helped heal me and I would recommend her to anyone going thru pain or any ailment!

Colette - Cary, NC

Acupuncture Center for Wellness

Excellent and Thorough Service

Having had some digestive issues and shoulder issues I decided to seek an alternative approach to healing. I so appreciate Mary Jennings’ knowledge of nutrition and acupuncture. It made a huge difference in my healing process. I have recommended her to many of my friends and family. Excellent and thorough service!

Leslie - Raleigh, NC


Internal Balance

After a failed drastic diet change my system was completely out of whack! I had seen Mary previously for help with neck and back pain, so I sought her help in hopes of settling my painful stomach. Mary selected a series of digestive enzymes which gave me immediate relief. We added a series of acupuncture treatments over 6 weeks which allowed me to feel like myself again.

I would highly recommend Mary’s clinic to anyone that needs help with a complicated medical issue and desires a holistic and natural solution.

Lauren - Raleigh, NC


Dedicated Professional

We were blessed by Mary Jenning’s expertise, love and dedication to us as a family when she lived and practiced in Illinois. We miss her terribly and know whatever you are struggling with she can help you! If she were an hour away we would drive to see her again. Just too long of a drive for us from Chicago to North Carolina.

Jane, Don and Family - Chicago, IL


Goodbye Stiffness

I have been a patient of Dr. Mary Jennings, DC, DipLAc, LAc for 10 years. Her acupuncture treatments have enabled me to live without the stiffness in my hand and legs that I had been experiencing.

She also provided me with nutritional help; selecting enzymes to aid my digestion and help with other aliments.

John - Oak Forest, IL

testimonial-achieving balance

Use and Mobility Restored

Mary Jenning’s expertise in the field of acupuncture has been a life saving experience. After several months of physical therapy, I had only regained 75% usage of my thumbs. Surgery was not an option. I was introduced to Mary in February and by the time May came, I had gained 100 % use of my thumbs, especially thumb of right hand. I have never had a problem since.

Since she helped me with the use of my thumbs, Mary has brought me through numerous “body failings”, all with amazing results! Mary has the knowledge, expertise, and ability to help make your body whole! Trust in Her.

Carol -Northbrook, IL