How Acupuncture Can Help with Stress, Anxiety and Depression (SAD)

Shakespeare’s MacBeth has the famous three witches that cause much distress, worry and disaster for the main character. Likewise, our modern day lives inflict undo Stress, Anxiety and Depression (SAD) on our individual psyche, families, and coworkers. What is a … Read More

Ouch! Acute versus Chronic Pain

Ouch! Pain is pain. When our bodies hurt, they hurt. Sadly, some hurts last longer than others. Moments become a life time of pain with accompanying limitations and isolation. What is Acute versus Chronic Pain? Acute pain can last up … Read More

Find a Healthy Balance in Your Life

How Acupuncture Works

Acupuncture. The very word can suggest a variety of mental images. In the United States, we tend to think of acupuncture as strictly relating to needling and pain management. It is so much more. … Read More

Do you hands shake?

Essential Tremor Treatment

We’ve all done it at one time or another – spilled a bite of food or sloshed our drink all over our clothing. But what happens when it’s every bite? What happens when our handwriting becomes an unsightly mess? What … Read More

Great to See You – Gluten Free Allergen Free Wellness Event

Wellness – It’s an Inside Job Want to dig deeper? It’s Never Too Late I am a firm believer that you are never too old to learn new things or start down a new path in your life. Change is … Read More

Gluten Intolerance is on the rise

Healing Gluten Intolerance With Acupuncture

In the not-so-long ago medical archives, digestive complaints were limited to a few common ailments like stomach ulcers, diverticulitis and heartburn. Nowadays gastrointestinal disorders are abundant in the western world. Gluten intolerance (GI) as one of the leading culprits. From … Read More

Tinnitus – The Loss of Peace and Quiet

Tinnitus – The Loss of Peace and Quiet

Imagine a constant ringing, crackling, buzzing or whistling in your ear. Next imagine that it continues all day, all night, every day, without a holiday or vacation. No one else hears this noise because it’s really only in your head. … Read More